Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Feminist Critique

The term 'Feminist Critique' was introduced by Elaine Showalter in her essay Towards a Feminist Poetics. It  is a type of  feminist criticism  that's concerned with woman as a reader or  consumer of male produced literature. It awakens the critic to the significance of text's sexual codes and provides  an entirely novel interpretation of it.

Feminist Critique is also concerned with the exploitation and manipulation of female audience especially in popular culture.  The subjects of feminist critic includes the images and stereotypes of women in Literature, the omission and misconceptions about women in criticism and the gaps in male constructed literary history.

The feminist critique is politically polemical because it has theoretical affiliations to Marxist aesthetics. The critic has a tendency to naturalize women's victimization by making it the inevitable and obsessive topic of discussion.  As feminist critique is male oriented, it fails to  recall women's own feeling and experiences; it only states how men conceive and construct women identities in Literature.

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